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.NET Interview preparation Videos

.NET Interview preparation Videos This is a complete end to end .NET Interview preparation kit specifically made from the aspect of interview preparation. It covers all possible interview questions right from basic .NET, new technologies to architectural questions. A must for every .NET junior or senior developer who is searching for new job opportunities. This is the Questpond subscription program and there is no difference in terms of what you get when you buy from here or directly from Questpond.
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Type: Interview Questions
Technology covered: .NET  OOPS  ASP.NET  ADO.NET  Sharepoint  WCF  WPF  WWF  LINQ  AZURE  Sql-Server  CSharp  .NET4.0  UML  Design-Pattern 
Delivery mode (?): Electronic Delivery + Physical Disc Delivery, Online + DVD Delivered to India, USA & Canada
List Price: $52.00 Discount: 10.00% | Final Price: Rs 2430.00/$46.80
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