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Tips and Tricks (Books) that covers ASP.NET-MVC

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ASP.NET MVC How to Tips & Tricks

ASP.NET MVC How to Tips & Tricks This ASP.NET MVC How to Tips and Tricks has solutions of 134 real time ASP.NET MVC problems that you face in most of the real time projects. All solutions are written with best practices and comes with complete to-the-point description and source code. Author: Sheo Narayan, the founder of DotNetFunda.com
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Type: Tips and Tricks (Books)
Technology covered: ASP.NET-MVC-tutorials  ASP.NET-MVC  MVC  How-to  ASP.NET-MVC-question-answer 
Delivery mode (?): Electronic Delivery,
List Price: $20.00 Discount: 40.00% | Final Price: Rs 600.00/$12.00

ITFunda Computer Training in Miyapur, Hyderabad

ITFunda Computer Training in Miyapur, Hyderabad Now attend classroom training in Miyapur, Hyderabad, India by an expert Mr. Sheo Narayan (Ex. Microsoft MVP), the founder of DotNetFunda.com and his team.

If you are a DotNetFunda.com member, there is a considerable amount of discount/referral bonus in the training fees, please scroll down for more details.

Type: Training
Technology covered: ASP.NET  ASP.NET-MVC  CSharp  HTML5  CSS3  jQuery  LINQ  WCF  JavaScript 
Delivery mode (?): Offline Classroom Training,
| Final Price: -/-

ASP.NET MVC 5 Online training

ASP.NET MVC 5 Online training This is a comprehensive ASP.NET MVC 5 training, and will give you enough knowledge to start developing any kind of ASP.NET MVC applications. It is based on real time problems faced in MNCs projects. This training is delivered by Sheo Narayan (the founder of DotNetFunda.com & Ex Microsoft MVP)

Type: Training
Technology covered: ASP.NET-MVC-5  HTML5  CSS3  Bootstrap  jQuery 
Delivery mode (?): Offline & Online Classroom training,
List Price: $650.00 Discount: 25.00% | Final Price: Rs 31687.50/$487.50

.NET How to Tips and Tricks (700+)

.NET How to Tips and Tricks (700+) This ".NET How to Tips and Tricks" contains solutions of hundreds of technical problems related with ASP.NET, ASP.NET MVC, SQL Serer, jQuery etc. that help you to develop real time .NET projects easily. It has following features
  • Video tutorials
  • Demo projects source code
  • eBook with to-the point explanations & output
prepared by Sheo Narayan (Ex Microsoft MVP).

Type: Tips and Tricks (Books)
Technology covered: ASP.NET-4.0  ASP.NET-MVC-5  Sql-Server  ADO.NET  ASP.NET-AJAX  jQuery  How-to  tips-and-tricks 
Delivery mode (?): Electronic Delivery + Physical Disc Delivery, Online + DVD delivered
List Price: $45.00 Discount: 25.00% | Final Price: Rs 1350.00/$33.75

Download of Online Sessions conducted

Download of Online Sessions conducted This subscription contains the recordings of online sessions conducted on various topics. As the recording file sizes are in MBs so we are charging a token amount to cover our bandwidth expenses.

Type: Interview Questions
Delivery mode (?): Electronic Delivery, Online downloadable
List Price: $5.99 Discount: 51.00% | Final Price: Rs 110.03/$2.94
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