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ASP.NET How to Tips and Tricks

Tips and Tricks (Books) by Itfunda

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ASP.NET How to Tips and Tricks
Summary: This ASP.NET How to Tips and Tricks has solutions of 234+ real time ASP.NET related problems that you face in most of the real time projects. All solutions are written with best practices and comes with complete to-the-point description, source code, and video tutorials.


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Duration/Validity: 8 months

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Online access
  • One ASP.NET How to Tips and Tricks ebook
  • Complete demo app with source code
  • Online viewable and downloadable video
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This ASP.NET How to has been written by Sheo Narayan of IT Funda Corporation. Sheo Narayan is a well known writer, author and a mentor in the .NET Community. His many of articles have been selected as "Articles of the day" in Microsoft(R) official website www.asp.net. He is a software professional since year 2001 and is also the founder of www.dotnetfunda.com.

If you are in USA and want to buy the Hard copy of the ASP.NET Tips and Tricks book, click here.

Review and Testimonials

Javier Guerrero, Argentian

My name is Javier Guerrero, I'm from Peru, I live in Argentina. I am starting with ASP.NET and I want to say you that your book "ASP.NET Tips & Tricks" is awesome for learning. It's easy, direct and very useful.

Thank you.


Shivprasad Koirala, a renowned author, mentor, corporate trainer and Microsoft MVP says 

A must ASP.NET book on every ASP.NET developers desktop

Abhishek Sur, Microsoft MVP says

I have been reading a book "ASP.NET How To Tips and Tricks" by Mr. Sheo Narayan for last couple of days and I really believe this book deserves some review. The book starts with the basics of ASP.NET that every developers must know and goes further with JQuery, ADO.NET and other tricks which every developer must know while writing code. 

Basically the Book is all about code. It gives you insight on all the How To's that you would ever search over search engine when writing your code. This book will be your reference to all those tricks that you should remember while writing your code and also gives you advantage over time. Mostly code- oriented book with over 200 short tricks on ASP.NET, C#, JQuery, ADO.NET, Data Validations, Basic Server side controls and many more. Its a must read book for everyone. It will come as handy reference too. 

I am really happy that I have this book with me.

Radha Srikanth (MCTS) working in MNC, Hyderabad says

I have gone through the ebook which was provided to me. Technically, you dealt with more real time problems which we generally face all the time.The presentation style is just awesome. I must also say the Font you selected makes it more elegant. From past two days I was just reading and practicing all the examples which were provided in that book. I felt there are many simpler things which we generally over look are taken care in this book. This is most phenomenal aspect I found ...

Skraghava working in MNC, says 

The jQuery course is awesome for the beginers. It covers all the topics for a person to have intermediate knowledge on jQuery.. 

Worth taking ...

This ASP.NET How to Tips and Tricks covers ASP.NET 4.0, ADO.NET, ASP.NET AJAX solutions, scroll below for table of contents.

To get other technologies How to Tips and Tricks along with this in a package deal, go to .NET How to Tips and Tricks.

Table of contents

Right from basic to advance and many more how to's are to be added on regular basis. Read the complete list, if certain How to's are not included, request them to be added.

  1. How to write a string on the web page?

Label & Literal

  1. How to write Text for the asp:Label control?
  2. How to specify the text of the Label control from the code-behind?
  3. How to write CSS formatted text on the web page? 
  4. How to apply CSS style in the Label control from code-behind?
  5. How to associate an asp:Label with a TextBox or other Form control? 
  6. How to write HTML content from the server side to ASP.NET Page?
  7. How to write encoded text on the web page? 


  1. How to programmatically set the TextBox value and get the TextBox value?
  2. How to render a password type textbox?
  3. How to specify the AutoComplete type of the TextBox and what is the use of it?
  4. How to submit a page to the server when the TextBox value has changed?
  5. How to specify the width of the TextBox?
  6. How to specify the Maximum characters allowed for the TextBox?
  7. How to make the TextBox readonly or disabled? 
  8. How to display a multi-line textbox and specify the height and width of the textbox?
  9. How to limit the maximum number of characters allowed in the Multi-line textbox?
  10. How to avoid text wrapping into the multi-line textbox?
  11. How to apply CSS style into the asp:TextBox?
  12. How to set default focus to a particular TextBox when web page loads?


  1. How to fire Server Side event on click of the button?
  2. How to access the CommandName property of the asp:Button (using OnCommand event) and what is the use of it? 
  3. How to access the CommandName property of the asp:Button (using OnClick event) and what is the use of it?
  4. How to access the CommandArguments of the button?
  5. How to fire JavaScript function on click on the Button and prevent the Form submission?
  6. How to avoid multiple clicks while submitting the form on the server?
  7. How to post a page to another page in ASP.NET?
  8. How to specify the Tab index for the TextBox, Button or any other asp.net form control?
  9. How to specify the Tooltip for the ASP.NET Server controls?
  10. How to specify a default button on the page so that when user hits the Enter key that button gets clicked?
  11. How to apply CSS style from the sever side to the asp:Button control?


  1. How to fire a server side event on click of the Link?
  2. How to post the page to another page on click of the Link?
  3. How to fire client JavaScript function on click of the asp:LinkButton?


  1. How to specify image as a button and fire server side event?
  2. How to fire JavaScript function on click of the asp:ImageButton?
  3. How to apply CSS style from the server side to the asp:ImageButton control?


  1. How to specify the alternate text of the Image button so that if image is not available, the text displays?
  2. How to fire JavaScript function on click of the image?
  3. How to apply CSS style to the image?
  4. In case I just need to display the image, should I use asp:Image control or html img tag? In which scenario asp:Image control should be used to display the image?


  1. How to specify the hyperlink to another page or website in asp.net?
  2. How to decide I should use either html anchor tag or asp:Hyperlink control on my page?
  3. How to specify an image as HyperLink in ASP.NET or HTML?
  4. How to remove the border that by default comes when an image is specified as Hyperlink?
  5. How to remove the border that by default comes when asn image is specified as Hyperlink using asp:HyperLink control?
  6. How to avoid using asp:Hyperlink completely on my page without compromising the flexibility of controlling the redirect url?
  7. How to open a page in new browser window or tab when clicking on the link?
  8. How to apply CSS from server side to the link?

DropDownList & ListBox

  1. How to render a DropDownList/ListBox through asp.net and add items?
  2. How to populate DropDownList/ListBox from the datasource?
  3. How to add items in DropDownList/ListBox items from the server side?
  4. How to insert an item to the specified location in the DropDownList or ListBox? 
  5. How to fire a server side event when the selected item of the DropDownList/ListBox changes?
  6. How to specify the number of items to appear in the ListBox?
  7. How to retrieve the selected value & text of the DropDownList/ListBox item?
  8. How to provide option to the user to select multiple items from the ListBox?
  9. How to iterate (loop) through the items of the DropDownList or ListBox and find the selected item(s)?
  10. How to auto select an item from the DropDown?
  11. How to avoid appending the new items in the DropDownList or ListBox on top of the existing items?
  12. How to write “Please select …” as the first item in the DropDownList/ListBox while populating them from the server side? 
  13. How to populate a DropDownList based on another DropDownList selected value?


  1. How to add items in the CheckBoxList & how to add items from the code-behind?
  2. How to render the CheckBoxes and specify the vertical and horizontal direction?
  3. How to render the CheckBox in the ordered list or un-ordered list or table or in a flow?
  4. How to add items from the code behind and insert an item at specified place?
  5. How to find out which and how many checkboxes are checked.


  1. How to add items in the RadioButtonList & how to add items from the code-behind?
  2. How to render RadioButtons vertically and horizontally?
  3. How to render the RadioButton in the ordered list or un-ordered list or table or in a flow?
  4. How to add items from the code behind and insert an item at specified place in the RadioButtonList?


  1. How to make a particular region of the image clickable so that it redirects the user to another page?
  2.  How to make a particular portion of the image clickable so that it fires a server side method?


  1. How to list items in the Ordered-List or UnOrdered-list from the server side?
  2. How to specify the Bullets as a custom Image in the Un-ordered list?
  3. How to display hyperlinks using the BulletedList control?
  4. How to fire server side event by clicking the items of the asp:BulletedList control?
  5. How to populate BulletedList items from server side by providing DataSource or inserting item?


  1. How to keep a hidden field value and how to access its value?


  1. How to display a calendar on the page in ASP.NET?
  2. How to specify Caption of the calendar?
  3. How to specify different styles of Next Previous text of the months and the day of the week?
  4. How to fire server side event on click of the date?
  5. How to specify the default selected date from the code behind?
  6. How to specify the Selection mode so that user can select entire month, entire week?
  7. How to retrieve the selected date/dates from the Calendar control?
  8. How to apply styles in the Calendar control?
  9. How to set the holidays in the Calendar control?
  10. How to disable a specific date in the Calendar?
  11. How to disable the date’s of other month?
  12. How to determine if the selected date is today’s date or weekend?


  1. How to create an Ad rotator so that different advertisements banners can rotate?
  2. How to specify the Keywords so that advertisements banner shall rotate based on that? 


  1. How to upload a file on the server?
  2. How to check if a file has been selected to upload?
  3. How to restrict the user to upload only specific type of files (.gif or .jpg file) on the server?
  4. How to limit the size of the file to upload?
  5. How to upload multiple files?
  6. How to upload multiple files using jQuery?
  7. How to increase the maximum request size limit in order to upload large files?


  1. How to add controls in the Panel and how to control its output?
  2. How to control the width & height and scrollbar behaviours of the Panel control?


  1. How to place controls on the page without wrapping inside a div container.


  1. How to create a bar and column chart?

Error handling

  1. How to handle error in ASP.NET? How to handle multiple types of error?
  2. How to log errors in Log file (one log file per day)?
  3. How to log errors in system event?
  4. How to log application level error and redirect the user to error page?


  1. How to write & retrieve appSettings and connectionStrings settings from web.config file?
  2. How to encrypt .config appSettings and connectionStrings values for security reason?
  3. How to create a custom section in the web.config file and retrieve its value?


  1. How to retrieve data from the database?
  2. How to insert records into the database?
  3. How to update record into the database? 
  4. How to delete a record from the database?
  5. How to use the stored procedure in ADO.NET? 
  6. How to save the Image into the database using Stored Procedure?
  7. How to retrieve the saved imaged into database and show them on the page? 
  8. How to bind data using SqlDataReader and where to use SqlDataReader? 
  9. How to retrieve records from SqlDataReader? 
  10. How to work with multiple results set using DataSet? 
  11. How to work with multiple results set using and SqlDataReader? 
  12. How to use transactions in ADO.NET? 
  13. How to check for the existence of records into the database? 


  1. How to populate GridView from code behind?
  2. How to sort the GridView data? 
  3. How to do pagination for the GridView data? 
  4. How to write message when there is no data to display in GridView? 
  5. How to select a GridView row and persist the selected record in the GridView? 
  6. How to select multiple records from GridView and retrieve selected records value?
  7. How to select multiple records from the GridView and persist the selection during pagination? 
  8. How to select all records (checkboxes for each record)? 
  9. How to generate edit, delete, update and select buttons automatically? 
  10. How to perform Edit, Update, and Delete operation in GridView? 
  11. How to add a button with custom command name and perform an operaiton? 
  12. How to delete multiple selected records from the GridView?
  13. How to do custom pagination in the GridView to achieve better performance in case we have large number of data to display? 
  14. How to do SEO friendly pagination in GridView? 
  15. How to work with the nested GridView (GridView inside another GridView) and populate the data? 
  16. How to perform mouseover effect on GridView rows using CSS?
  17. How to get the primary key value of the GridView rows in JavaScript?
  18. How to generate GridView columns dynamically based on user selection?


  1. How to perform CRUD (Create Read Update & Delete) operation in ListView.
  2. How to do pagination in ListView?
  3. How to do custom pagination in ListView?


  1. How to show a record using DetailsView in ASP.NET? 
  2. How to paginate the DetailsView? 


  1. How & where to user Repeater control?
  2. How to render ordered list or un-ordered list (bulleted) using Repeater control?


  1. How to validate a TextBox as a mandatory field?
  2. How to validate a DropDownList / ListBox? 
  3. What is CauseValidation property and how to avoid validation on clicking of a button? 
  4. How to validate two different sets of Form fields separately? 
  5. How to validate a textbox for range of values? 
  6. How to validate a textbox for correct date? 
  7. How to validate a valid email address entered into the textbox? 
  8. How to compare two textboxes for equality like password and confirm password? 
  9. How to perform custom validation in ASP.NET?
  10. How to display all validation failed errors in the Alert box or as a summary? 


  1. How to generate a menu based on SiteMap file?
  2. How to generate Menu from the database?

User Control

  1. How to create a user control and use it in the content page or master page? 
  2. How to cache the user control data?
  3. How to access user control property in the content page or master page? 
  4. How to load the user control dynamically?

Master Page 

  1. How to work with Master pages in ASP.NET? 198
  2. How to change the Master page dynamically for a content page? 201
  3. How to nest more than one master page? 203
  4. How to access Master page control from the content page? 205
  5. How to access master page variable/property from the content page? 207

Authentication & Authorization - LoginView, LoginStatus and LoginName and other controls

  1. How to implement Forms Authentication security in ASP.NET? 
  2. How to get the UserName of the user logged into our application using Forms Authentication?
  3. How to implement roles based authentication in ASP.NET?

Themes & Skins

  1. How to use themes in ASP.NET?
  2. How to change the theme of the page dynamically? 
  3. How to set the skin of the asp.net control? 
  4. How to change the skin of the asp.net control dynamically? 

Localization and Globalization

  1. How to list cultures in the DropDown? 
  2. How to create a multi-lingual web site / web application in ASP.NET?

Url Routing

  1. How to re-write the URL?
  2. How to make SEO friendly pagination for GridView?

Debugging & Tracing

  1. How to debug an ASP.NET Application? 
  2. How to Trace an ASP.NET Application? 
  3. How to enable/disable tracing in all pages of the application? 
  4. How to see consolidated trace information of all pages of the application rather than seeing each page one by one? 
  5. How to save tracing information into the XML file? 

Session Management

  1. How to pass data from one page to another page using querystring? 
  2. How to save and retrieve data to and from cookie? 
  3. How to use Session variables? 
  4. How to configure & use State Server session management? 
  5. How to configure and use SQL Server session management?


  1. How to perform page output caching in ASP.NET?
  2. How to implement partial or fragment caching or How to cache User control data? 
  3. How to implement page output caching based querystring value of the page?
  4. How to store data into Cache and retrieve it?
  5. How to implement time based caching in ASP.NET?
  6. How to implement file dependency caching in ASP.NET? 
  7. How to implement SQL Caching in ASP.NET (Poll based SQL Cache dependency)?
  8. How to use Push SQL Cache dependency in ASP.Net?

Cusotm Control

  1. How to create a custom server control to render a html Table with data in ASP.NET?


  1. How to do partial page update in ASP.NET AJAX? 
  2. How to conditionally update the content without page refresh? 
  3. How to work with multiple Update Panels in ASP.NET AJAX? 
  4. How to associate a Button outside UpdatePanel to trigger the partial (asynchronous) postback? 
  5. How to trigger a complete postback from the button inside the UpdatePanel? 
  6. How to update the UpdatePanel from server side?
  7. How to display “Please wait ….” message or “Progress Bar” image when loading the data from the server? 
  8. How to update page content after a certain interval of time? 
  9. How to load ScriptManager necessary resource file from CDN?
  10. How to consume a Web Service in ASP.NET AJAX? 
  11. How to maintain browser history in ASP.NET AJAX?

Working with Files and Folders

  1. How to Read and Write a text file in ASP.NET with C#?
  2. How to rename/move a file? 
  3. How to delete a file? 
  4. How to Load all files including their properties of the folder? 
  5. How to Load all directories of the folder? 
  6. How to create and delete a directory? 


  1. How to avoid the Session fixation vulnerability in ASP.NET?
  2. How to set Session cookie secure so that the cookie value passes via encrypted connection?
  3. How to remove the ASP.NET version information coming in with the application request?
  4. How to prevent the page getting stored into the Browser cache to prevent exposure of sensitive data?
  5. How to restrict detail error message being displayed to the user to avoid exposing the database name, stored procedure name,  database table, column names, method names etc.
  6. How to use MD5 encryption to encrypt a string with salt?
  7. How to use SHA1 encryption to encrypt a string with salt?
  8. How to use SHA256, SHA384, SHA512 encryption to encrypt a string with salt?

Meta Tags

  1. How to write Meta keywords and Meta descriptions for a page?
  2. How to write other Meta tags like author, robots, revist-after etc. on the page?
  3. How to auto refresh the page after specified number of seconds using Meta tag?


  1. How to create a cookie in ASP.NET?
  2. How to read the cookie in ASP.NET?
  3. How to set the expiration date time for the cookie?
  4. How to read-write multi-valued cookies?
  5. How to limit the cookie scope to a specific path or folder of the website?
  6. How to limit cookie for a particular domain?
  7. How to find out if user’s browser accepts the cookie?
  8. How to list all cookies?


  1. eBook (.pdf)
  2. Online access of all How to Tips and Tricks
  3. Complete demo application with source code
  4. 15+ hours of video tutorials

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