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BlackBerry FTP Client

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BlackBerry FTP Client
Summary: In the world of blackberry, there are many applications (aka products) which are custom developed and successfully used by many BB users. There are many instances where a BB user would need to download and upload from FTP servers. It can be used to download and/or upload files like BB applications, games, reports, music, video etc. Maverick Systems FTP is one such product which serves as a Blackberry FTP client application.


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Duration/Validity: Lifetime

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The need for download and upload of files is ever growing and BB users would always need a user friendly and sophisticated interface for achieving so.

Product Features

Ø  User can Create/Delete/Rename folder or file on FTP server depending upon the privileges he has.
Ø  User can Create/Delete/Rename folder or file on device.
Ø  User can upload file from specific folder on device to FTP server depending upon the privileges he has.
Ø  User can download file to specific folder on device from FTP server depending upon the privileges he has.
Ø  User friendly interface to view and browse files and folders on FTP server and from device.
Ø  User can bookmark FTP server details so as to rapidly connect the specified server. Also user can manage the bookmarks.
Ø  Provision of Hotkeys facilitate rapid navigations or perform actions.
Ø  Provision of logs helps user to get information about operations he has performed.
Ø  Registered version is available on providing device PIN.

Product Requirements

i) Minimum System Requirements

               Maverick Systems Client can be installed on any BlackBerry Smartphone that meets the following minimum

Blackberry system software
V4.2.1 or higher
Data Plan
Wireless and/or Wi-Fi
64 MB (or more)
               For the best performance, high-speed networks such as EDGE or EVDO are recommended.
ii) Connection Methods

               Maverick Systems Client lets you connect to FTP Server one of the following connection methods

MDS Service on a BES (BlackBerry Enterprise Server)
Direct TCP (Make sure you set APN settings in Options->Security->TCP)
BIS (BlackBerry Internet Service)

Mavericks System

Mavericks's Profile


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