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Crash course in C#. ASP.NET, JavaScript, jQuery, SQL Server, WCF etc.

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Crash course in C#. ASP.NET, JavaScript, jQuery, SQL Server, WCF etc.
Summary: If you are a working professional, probably you do not have enough time to go through the regular training courses. Below are crash courses especially for working professionals like you.


ASP.NET  CSharp  LINQ  WCF  SQL-Server  jQuery  JavaScript  Web-site-optimization-/-Performance-improvement-techniques  Best-practices-in-.NET-programming  HTML  CSS 
Delivery mode (?): Online Classroom Training , using Live meeting or WebEx
Duration/Validity: Flexible

The purpose of offering these crash courses are to help working professionals overcome their technical challenges. These crash courses can be taken on the weekdays or weekends.

Currently crash courses are available on following technologies
  1. ASP.NET
  2. C#
  3. LINQ
  4. WCF
  5. SQL Server
  6. jQuery
  7. JavaScript
  8. Web site optimization / Performance improvement techniques in web development
  9. Best practices in .NET programming
  10. HTML
  11. CSS
  12. Custom course

The instructor of these crash courses are highly experienced (some of them are awarded with Microsoft MVP) and their experiences varies between 7 to 10+ years.


As these courses are for working professionals, the timing is flexible. It can be even in the mid night if it is comfortable to you.


Fees of these crash courses differ from course to course and the timing you choose for the crash course. Contact us with details.

How to enroll ?

Contact us 

by email
  • support{@}itfunda.com (remove { and } )
by phone
  • India:  +91-40-6555-3349 (Head Office in working hours only), +91-770-256-0638 (Mobile)
  • USA: +1-270-315-9252
  • South Africa: +27-820-728-074

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