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Summary: Morae is the premier software for deeply understanding customer experiences and sharing those insights clearly and powerfully.

Morae enables you to directly observe and record a user's interaction with a Web site or application. After a recording session is complete, Morae Manager gives you the tools to efficiently analyze Morae recordings, automatically calculate metrics, generate graphs, and create videos to share with stakeholders.


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Duration/Validity: Life time

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1 License includes standard components: Manager, Recorder, and Observer. Rs - $1495.00 5.00% - -/ $1,420.25 Continue >
5 Licenses @ $1345 each Rs 0.00 $6725.00 10.00% - -/ $6,052.50 Buy It Now
10 Licenses @ $1196 each; For more than 10 Licenses, contact us. Rs 0.00 $11960.00 12.00% - -/$10,524.80 Buy It Now
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Morae is made up of three separate components: Recorder, Observer, and Manager.

  1. Recorder captures audio, video, on-screen activity, and keyboard/mouse input during a research session.
  2. Observer enables team members to watch the customer’s experience, make notes, and flag tasks in real time.
  3. Use Manager to view and analyze Morae recordings, automatically calculate metrics, generate graphs, and create highlight videos to share with stakeholders.


All your data in one place

The old way to record customer interactions involved lots of devices and applications that don't talk to each other. Which ended up scattering your data across a bunch of unconnected media, like legal pads, videotape, spreadsheets, statistics software. What a waste of time! 

Morae ties everything together in one tidy package, eliminating hours of wasted effort. All your data is captured digitally and indexed to one master timeline for instant retrieval and analysis.
Preset Study Templates

Want to record a focus group? Software usability test? Mobile device test? Just select a research method using the simple presets.

Morae sets up the initial details for you...like suggested audiovisual sources, markers, and who will launch recording...so you can get started faster. It even shows you a live preview of what will be recorded.

From there, it's simple to add things like task definitions, discussion questions, surveys, and custom markers. Want to use the same configuration again later? Just save and re-use.

Camera only recording

Capture more details, using more methods. Morae reaches beyond the screen...so you can record customer interactions that don't happen on the computer. Like focus groups, in-depth interviews, hardware testing, paper prototype testing, the list goes on.

ust plug one or two video cameras into your computer. You can use consumer-grade digital video (DV) cameras, webcams, or a mix of both. And if you're not recording the screen, use the recording computer for logging notes, too. Versatile and compact! (See system requirements for details.)
Standard or custom Surveys

Go deeper by asking survey questions before the session, after each task, and at the end. Trigger them automatically or manually. Use the system usability scale (SUS) or create any number of custom surveys. Format can be multiple choice, choose one, rating scale, or open-ended.

Unlike paper surveys, Morae collects and stores data neatly in one place...and gives you all the tools you need to view, analyze, graph and present results with a click.
Unmoderated testing with AutoPilot

AutoPilot delivers instructions, tasks, and surveys automatically during the test session. So you could set up unmoderated testing at a public kiosk or a tradeshow booth and gather data without being there. Or if you're flying solo, AutoPilot will free you to prompt, listen, and observe more carefully during the session. And it eliminates all that messy, wasted paper, too!


Remote, simultaneous observation

Connect to a live Recorder session from anywhere via a network (LAN/VPN). Observers can see and hear anything being recorded— customers' faces, voices, interactions on screen or with physical objects. Team members or stakeholders running Morae Observer can collaboratively log comments and markers.

The results? More efficient logging, stronger buy-in, and a deeper understanding of your customers.

Custom markers and notes

Unlike logging with a stopwatch and notepad, Morae helps observers give structured, detailed feedback that is automatically synchronized and placed at the right moment on the video timeline.

During the sessions, observers flag important moments by simply selecting a preset marker from a list. Markers could be things like quote, frustration, include in highlight video, or anything else you've defined in advance. Observers can add text comments to elaborate or offer an insight.

This streamlined logging process results in more detailed, instantly searchable notes...saving you hours of time during review and analysis!
One-click task and error marking

Want to calculate standard metrics like time on task or error rate...automatically? By consistently marking a few simple things during every recording—like when the participant starts and ends a task, and whether they succeed—you'll benefit from Morae's powerful, automated analysis tools. Marking these events is as simple as clicking the mouse or pressing a keyboard shortcut.
Share your session immediately

Want to give team members or clients a copy of the session right away? Save and share a Windows Media Video (WMV) file showing exactly what was displayed in Morae Observer.

To know about Manager click on More Details on the horizontal bar above.

Morae Manager: Analyze

Fast, automatic analysis and graphing

Stop spending hours calculating data and building graphs—Morae can do it for you, in a fraction of the time. Not sure what to measure? No worries. Morae automatically calculates and graphs standard usability metrics like effectiveness, efficiency, and satisfaction. (Attention usability experts: We've got your CIF and SUS covered.)

You can also create your own measurements and graphs based on mouse movement, clicks, time on task, markers, and satisfaction surveys.
View events with a click

Markers and tasks set during a recording session appear along the timeline as color-coded diamonds and triangles. Hover over these indicators for details; click one to jump to that moment in the video. This makes it easy to review hours of video (along with comments and suggestions from a whole team of observers) in less time.
Cross-Recording Search

Want to see all participants' comments on task four? Or review what all your focus groups said about question six? You can now search across many recordings to uncover patterns and trends in the data...right inside Morae. No need to fire up Excel. (You can also limit your search to just one recording.)

Instantly find—and view—the exact moment when participant(s) clicked a button, typed something, navigated to a particular Web page, interacted with a specific dialog box, or viewed certain text on the screen.
Variable Speed Playback

You know the math...10 hours of video equals 10-15 hours of logging, right? Not anymore! Variable speed playback drastically reduces your time spent logging, because you can review video in double time (or faster). And unlike "fast forward" you'll hear the audio just fine.

Morae Manager - Share

Easy, built-in Video editing

Video tells a story. It's hard to argue with that look of joy, or rage, on the customer's face.

Good news: with Morae, you don’t need to be a multimedia expert to make a professional, powerful highlight video. All the editing tools you need are built right in. Simply drag video clips and graphs onto the storyboard! Then produce it as an AVI, WMV, or Flash-compatible MPEG-4 video for easy sharing.\
Easy & secure online sharing

Deliver highlight videos quickly and securely over the internet with the output to Screencast.com. As a Morae customer, you get free storage and bandwidth on Screencast.com, allowing you to upload with a click, then notify clients and stakeholders to view videos.
Title clips & transitions

Introduce sections of your highlight video with customized, sharp-looking title clips. Add background images and narration, if desired. Insert fade and dissolve transitions to move smoothly between clips.

If you have two video sources (two cameras, or camera plus screen recording, for example), one of them will be layered over the other as Picture-in-Picture (PiP). Morae gives you control over the size, position, and opacity of the PiP in each video clip...so the most important elements stay visible.
Multiple storyboards

Need to produce one version of the highlight video for the project team and another for management? Morae makes it easy to create multiple storyboards within the same project. Build each one from scratch...or build one, then duplicate and tweak it for a separate audience. When your storyboards are ready to share, you can even batch produce the videos while you're away!
Powerpoint Output

Embed videos (and graphs and title clips) from Morae directly onto PowerPoint slides—with just a few clicks. A huge time-savings over inserting the clips manually!
Add-in for MS Word

Re-typing is a terrible waste of time. And the whole copy-and-paste thing gets tedious. With the Word Add-in, simply drag and drop graphs, screenshots, data tables, survey questions, and more...directly into a Word document. Produce a powerful, professional report for stakeholders in a fraction of the time.

Export to common formats

Moving data out of Morae and into other applications is easy:
  1. Graphs – Export graphs as bitmap images
  2. Data tables – Export graph data or search results as a comma separated file
  3. Survey results – Export survey results as a comma separated file
  4. Screenshots – Capture and export individual frames from the video editor as bitmap or JPG images
  5. Video clips – Create a video clip and produce it as a AVI, WMV, or Flash-compatible MPEG-4 (you can even embed it directly into PowerPoint)
For more info on Morae, visit TechSmith website.

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