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Snagit 10

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Snagit 10
Summary: More than just simple screen capture, Snagit empowers you to communicate faster, clearly explain concepts, and archive digital information. All with point and click convenience. You can easily capture, edit, share and organize a screenshot of exactly what you see on your screen. The more you use Snagit, the more ways you'll find to use it.


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Top editing features


Snag anything, on the fly. Grab your entire desktop, a region, a window, or a scrolling window—all with a single hotkey or click.

Don't waste time cropping and cleaning up your image. You'll get an image of only what you want, the first time.

Capture directly from your favorite application by adding a Snagit toolbar.

Combine images
Create custom graphics easily by taking multiple captures and putting them together.

Spotlight and magnify

Draw attention to a specific part of your image. Just select the portion you want and Snagit will blur and darken everything else.

Markup tools

Add effects to your image, even if you don't have a design degree. Draw attention with arrows, add a text callout or torn edge effect…just to name a few.
Top sharing features

Once you have your capture ready, you can do just about anything 
with it:

  • Save it in your preferred format.
  • Share a URL or embed it in your blog via Screencast.com.
  • Add it to your Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, MindManager or OneNote page.
  • Publish to your website via FTP.
  • Send it through email, AIM, Flickr or Skype.

Top organize features


All of your captures are automatically saved to your Library with the most recent viewable all the time. Save time by quickly finding all your past captures.


Along with saving your capture, Snagit also stores information so you can find it again later. Search for your captures by date, website, or a custom flag that you create and assign

Snagit Full Feature List

Capturing Your Sreen

Editing at your fingertips

Image Capture

  • All-in-one
    • Window
    • Scrolling Window
    • Region
  • Active Window
  • Full Screen
  • Fixed Region
  • Object
  • Scrolling Region
  • Scrolling Active Window
  • Freehand Region
  • Ellipse
  • Rounded Rectangle
  • Triangle
  • Polygon
  • Clipboard
  • Graphic File
  • Program File
  • Full-Screen DOS
  • Direct X
  • Extended Window
  • Scanners
  • Cameras
  • Web Page with Links
  • Sequential captures

Text Capture

  • Entire Screen
  • Window
  • Active Window
  • Region
  • Fixed Region
  • Object
  • Scrolling Window
  • Scrolling Region
  • Scrolling Active Window
  • Clipboard
  • Full-Screen DOS
  • Sequential captures
  • Rich Text Formatting

Video Capture

  • Entire Screen
  • Window
  • Active Window
  • Region
  • Fixed Region
  • Sequential captures

Web Capture

  • All files from a Web page or Web site
  • Files off Web pages linked to original page

Editor Includes

  • Vector-based editing
  • Multi-image capabilities – create composite images
  • Drawing tools
  • Highlights
  • Frames
  • Borders
  • Drop shadows
  • Edge effects – torn, faded, shark tooth, saw, beveled and wave edge
  • Text boxes
  • Annotations
  • Stamps
  • Arrows
  • Sticky notes
  • Interactive canvas
  • Color adjustment – 
    hue, saturation, gamma 
    and more
  • Quick Styles – Creating and saving custom annotation shapes
  • Eliminating unwanted areas of screen captures – crop, cut and join features


  • Image processing – mosaic, sharpen, emboss, oilify, underlay, solarize, edge enhance and more
  • Smooth scaling
  • Color resolution settings
  • Callouts
  • Add Flash hotspots 
    with pop-ups
  • Quick Access toolbar
  • Image tray
  • Keyboard shortcuts
  • Ribbon-based menus
  • Live preview of editing features
  • Improved image transparency
  • Custom trim
  • UI Color
  • And more

Sending captures from within Snagit

  • Send to Printer
  • Save to Clipboard
  • Save to File - over 23 formats, including:
  • Send to Email
  • Send to Screencast.com and share web link
  • FTP to Web
  • Send to an External Program
  • Multiple combination of any or all
  • Other popular programs

Manage all your images at once

  • Automatic tagging
  • Custom tagging – as one image or a batch
  • Quick flags
  • Visual search pane – find by website, application or date
  • Batch conversion of images
  • View thumbnails of all captures
  • Print multiple images
  • Email multiple images
  • Set images as wallpaper
  • Export your unsaved images, automatically

Snagit does even more

  • Create capture profiles
  • Schedule screen captures with time delay
  • Visual bookmarking
  • Autostore unsaved captures
  • Import/Export profiles to use on multiple computers or share with others
  • Automatic file naming – with 19 different file name components
  • Set Individual hotkeys for each capture profile
  • One-click screen capture with Snagit OneClick
  • Two different viewing options – normal, compact
  • Include cursor in your captures
  • Place in the toolbar of Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Internet Explorer and the menu of Adobe FrameMaker
  • Integrate Snagit into any program that supports COM access with the COM Server
  • Change the color of the Snagit UI (black, silver, or blue)
  • Free technical support
  • Free online training and help
  • Easy network installation for central deployment

What's new in Snagit 10

All-in-One Capture

All-in-One Capture DemoSnag anything, on the fly. Use the newest capture profile to grab your entire desktop, a region, a window, or a scrolling window—all with a single hotkey or click.
Updated Transparency 

Transparency DemoNow you can keep the rounded corners from a captured window… or create a custom shape… and the only background you’ll see is the one on your website, document, or slide.
Improved Auto-Scroll

Snagit’s auto-scroll feature has drastically improved and can now sense when you’re on a web page that scrolls. Snagit will automatically move through the page… capturing it both vertically and horizontally… at your command. Just point and click.
Updated Magnifier

Like a microscope for your computer screen… use magnified cross hairs to get exact, down-to-the-pixel precision on every capture.
Formatted Text Capture

Perfect for reviewing text and making changes—grab the text straight off a web page and keep the formatting—then edit and apply different font styles, sizes and colors.

Cut-Out Effect

Stylishly delete unwanted pieces of an image by removing vertical and horizontal sections. Add a background image to fill the gap, or make it transparent.
Page Curl Effect

Make your image look as if one of the corners is folded over for an eye-grabbing effect. Pick from one of the preset page curl options, or create your own.

System Requirements

  • Microsoft Windows XP*, Windows Vista*, or Windows 7*.
  • 1.0 GHz processor minimum ~ Recommended: 2.4 GHz or better.
  • 512 MB RAM minimum ~ Recommended: 1.0 GB or more.
  • 60 MB of hard-disk space for program installation
  • Internet Explorer 7.0 or later required
  • * 32-bit or 64-bit

Why buy from us

  • We are an authorized reseller of TechSmith (The owner of this product) Products, we are in better position to help you in case you need
  • Great price
  • The same quality as if you are buying from TechSmith Corporation (The owner of this product)
  • Localized and more personalized service
  • Quicker delivery
  • Free online trainings and help
For more latest info on Snagit, visit TechSmith website.

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Image and content courtesy: TechSmith Corporation

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